Information for sellers

We gladly accept your individual items, collections and estates for our auctions held four times a year.

We also establish estate or insurance inventories for you and we provide advice when you are dissolving a household.

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Our services in short

  1. We advise heirs, trustees, lawyers or executors free of charge when dissolving or partitioning whole estates.We establish inventories of all objects suitable for the auction from estates, inheritances, households or collections on site.

  2. An experienced team of specialists estimates the viewed objects after a detailed analysis of the market, ascertaining the authenticity by scientific means if needed (e.g. thermoluminescence expertise for antiquities). Insurance estimates are based upon the detailed inventories made by our experts (for a fee).

  3. Appraisal days in larger towns in all parts of the country provide our clients with professional advice as well as estimates of the objects suitable for an auction.

  4. Consignments for our auctions include individual objects as well as households, estates or collections.

  5. We pay the consignors 8 weeks after the end of the auction corresponding to a detailed statement.

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